Puttin’ on the Ritz

28 August 2017

By Resident, Eunice Leitch



In this world of ever changing values
One thing is still certain.
The uplifting quality of music ….
The residents of The Village Yeronga demonstrated this with great gusto recently at their gala evening …”Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

This evening was twofold.

It commenced with an invitation to “Come to the Cabaret” in our grand lobby.

Over the next 45 minutes, ‘the village people’ entertained, ‘the village people’.
From items including choir members dressed as nuns declaring ,’I will follow him’ to the Mission Impossible men performing the ‘The Stripper’ and to the Finale from Chorus Line, ‘ONE’ in which a cast of thousands it seemed danced on to the stage in black top hats and white tails .


Earlier, a duet that stood out was the tear-jerking ,’Yes, I Remember it Well’ performed so beautifully by two of our much loved residents.

All produced and performed by our own local grown talent … who enjoy making music, singing and dancing and just letting their hair down (what’s left of it in some cases!) and aided and abetted by the audience who spurred us on with their applause … So Much Fun!


Everybody moved to ‘The Ritz’, our village restaurant, transformed by inspired residents.
Now this had to be seen to be believed – the wall of mirrors, the curtains, the palms, candlelight and roses.

Dedicated people had spent many months planning and preparing and the end result was awesome … such a delight.

The table settings … small top hats, white gloves and cane with candles in martini glass and final beautiful touch, a long stemmed real red rose, just priceless.

Then there was the menu, in French – a delicate supper provided by our favourite caterer.

The icing on the cake was the live music, provided by The Sessions Band – another splendid professional group, a favourite of our residents.

A dance floor had been provided and it was almost too small at times … got so crowded … what an evening! Music, Music, Music.

So the Yeronga village people danced the night away, going home asking, “when is the next one?”

Planning for the next one already underway – and the whole event is organised and produced entirely by the resident community!

So why is that important?

Simply, because it is the community of people that makes the place.

Bricks and mortar doesn’t make a retirement village a good place to be.
It is good to be with like-minded people with old fashioned values and manners.

It is, THE PEOPLE … here in Yeronga Village … we are blessed by our community spirit and sense of belonging.

Retirement village? Funny way of describing it when you come to think of it. We are not retired we have just changed direction and can still enjoy life, looking forward to our next event, our next evening of toe tapping music … bring it on.